If he cannot remain upright, then your American will likely run away using this fight.

Teixeira's X-factor: Takedown Defense. This specific can end up being a five-round fight, along with Saint Preux ought in order to be http://st-andrew.org.uk patient in the couple couple of rounds.


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Fortunately, he is not necessarily in the cage with Jones or even Davis. In the actual event that he will that will against Teixeira, he might perfectly find pasted facing friends as well as family.

As formerly mentioned, Teixeira may be taken down 12 occasions inside his past 2 fights. That's certainly not good.

Saint Preux's X-factor: Patience

This is a fight which will require Saint Preux to be patient.

He features a tendency to get wild in the cage, and it opens him up to obtain caught. Teixeira can become a excellent counterstriker. He wants to demonstrate up and carry out well.

There is likely to be occasions on this fight when Saint Preux can get flashy as well as acquire overly aggressive, yet he as well as the lady must pick individuals occasions carefully. Regardless, the threat of the takedown can be nonetheless greatly prevalent with Saint Preux. ask Ryan Bader.

This could well become Teixeira's final opportunity to be a high fighter within this division